Sunday, May 3, 2009

The one with the birthday cake...

After a not so long hiatus, I'm back! My cousin celebrated his 21st b'day yesterday and i was 'commissioned' to bake the cake. I decided to make my mom's trademark moist chocolate cake, which has been the 'must have' in our deepavali functions for years. Considering the effort put in by my family (mom, dad helped loads) I was really glad it was a hit. And last I heard my aunt did not have any leftovers to take home for her family :). Here's a picture of it.. Oh and by the way, I've added an item to my menu, 'Marble Cheese Brownies' - it's a cross between fudge brownies + cheesecake, and have received several orders so far.. Will post a picture of it soon.. Till then.. Toodles! :) And thanks to those who have supported me ! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hello again!

Hello again! I know I haven't uploaded more pics but have been real busy lately... I tried something new last week and it turned out well.. It's called a Peanut Butter Marble Cake.. It'll appeal to both peanut butter and coffee lovers as it has a hint of mocha as well .. It costs RM 40 per cake, and you can choose to have it with/without chocolate topping. Here's a pic of it! Toodles!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hello again. I gave out samples of the peanut butter squares and it was a hit! I've actually received a few orders in just two days. FYI, it costs RM 30 a tray. If anyone wants to have a try, do tell me as I have some samples left. Toodles!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Something new..

I just tried out something for the first time.. and it turned out pretty well if I may say so myself... 'Peanut Butter and Chocolate Squares'.. I've uploaded a picture below.... Peanut butter lovers would totally love it !

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hello and welcome! . Over the past few years, I've taken one off orders, from an aunt or a friend, but did not officially take orders til recently. My specialties are carrot cake with cream cheese topping, chocolate cake with dark chocolate frosting, banana walnut cake, chocolate quickies, chocolate walnut brownies, chocolate almond biscotti and cupcakes. I'm currently working on expanding my menu, and am open to suggestions. I will be posting pictures of the cakes soon, but the price list is as follows :

Carrot cake : RM 50
Chocolate cake : RM 45
Chocolate quickies : RM 28 per tray
Peanut butter squares : RM 30 per tray
Peanut butter marble cake : RM 40
Brownies (Fudge brownies/marble cheese brownies) : RM 30 per tray, additional RM 3 for nuts.
Banana walnut cake : RM 40
Cupcakes : RM 1 per cupcake
Biscotti : RM 25 for 50 pieces.

An additional RM 5 will be charged for decorations on cakes, and RM 0.20 for cupcakes.

Orders should be made by e-mail, to krisha.87 AT at least 3 days in advance, and payment should be made on collection.

Thank you, and keep those orders coming in!